The Jung Memorabilia Comes Home

Tapping into the global celebration of all things NOLA during its tricentennial, the newly re-imagined Jung Hotel & Residences is requesting a homecoming of sorts for its earliest memorabilia. All month long, “The Jung Memorabilia Comes Home” invites guests to bring back branded items specific to when it was The Jung Hotel through 1971.

Decades of proms, conventions and Mardi Gras balls were held at the historical hotel during an era where printed programs were the ultimate keepsake. Consider it a trip down memory lane: memorabilia includes printed programs, post cards and any items with The Jung Hotel logo, including pens, clocks, napkins, swivel sticks, ashtrays, and more.

The hotel will offer a cash buy back for all items that qualify. Guests will also receive a complimentary voucher for two drinks at the new Jung Bar and will be placed in a contest for “best item.” The winner will be rewarded a free overnight stay.

Cash Buy Back:

  • Original postcards, printed programs and other paper items: $3
    • Branded ashtrays:  $4
    • Branded flatware: $8
    • Other memorabilia: Negotiated onsite


Upon the close of the memorabilia contest, The Jung Hotel will be creating their own “What’s Old is New Again” time capsule event showcasing the winning contest item alongside selected memorabilia to be exhibited in the hotel’s foyer.